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Innovation culture

Why culture will make or break your innovation efforts


Often feel blocked when trying to get work done? Other departments don't play nicely? See the same frustrating patterns over and over again? That's culture getting in the way of innovation.

Flip things around: when everyone communicates well, people have the proper space and freedom to get their work done, and working patterns are 'in flow', that's when you know your culture is supporting your innovation efforts.

So how do we go from a culture of blocked silos to having a culture of accountability? How do we nudge people's behaviours, activities, and values to create a more dynamic environment?

Map your culture so you can tangibly see it, and figure out how to move it in the right direction.

Using The Culture Scan, you can map your team and organization culture to see where you're blocked, and where you excel—and how you can improve.

We'll walk you through a step-by-step process so you can get your team and your organization set up for success. Because, culture can either make your life really difficult, or make everything seem like a breeze. 

Everyone has a culture—is yours helping or hurting your innovation efforts?

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Build a culture of accountability with the culture scan


The Moment's experience with organizations across business sectors has taught us that culture is the underlying factor that either halts or accelerates innovation work. 

The Culture Scan helps you understand your current culture—and illuminates a path toward a new, desired culture where getting work done just becomes easier.

  • Use the Culture Scan to:
    - Build a culture of accountability
    - Reimagine a new workplace culture 
    - Build corporate structures to support innovation
    - Visualize and design change that will enable innovation across silos and teams

What Derek from Muse had to say.

Derek Luke
CEO | Muse

Watch the Muse Story

The Culture Scan will walk you through a series of steps to explore, measure, and move your innovation culture.

Map out your desired and your actual innovation culture. Visualizing your culture is an essential first step in helping your organization make sense of the complexity and the big picture. Only then can you get specific about what to amplify, change, and build, thus enabling thoughtful action and intervention to shape the culture you want. 

Doing the Culture Scan yourself is a great first step on your culture development journey. Self-assessment will reveal not only what you know about your culture, but what is still left to explore and change. The Culture Scan makes it easy to gather input, map your results, and see where you stand.

Involve others to map your team; your department; or your entire organization—and find the right path to move your organization toward an innovative company culture. 

Get things done without the fight. The right culture enables your best work to grow your business. 

What Roanie from Access Copyright had to say.

Roanie Levy
Chief Executive Officer & President
Access Copyright

Map your organization's innovation culture

In addition to sending your guide, we will add your name to our list of friends. We plan to reach out to you every month or so with our newsletter. The Moment will always respect your privacy.

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