Setting Up Your Innovation Team For Success

Design and build your innovation team.

The Moment's guide will walk you through a model to design and build your innovation team based on best practices we continue to use with clients. We'll walk you through a series of steps to unpack the challenge with your team and begin your journey.

Learn the right way to:

  • Structure a team
  • Scope your innovation projects
  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Get buy-in from internal stakeholders
  • Build the best innovation team, and set yourself up for success

Innovation is more than a technology stack or a new idea; it’s a framework and a model to build a robust and competitive business.

Many business leaders and project owners, including service designers and product developers, are taking on complex innovation challenges that cut across internal silos and customer touch points. This work can be immensely challenging. 

Anticipate the pitfalls by arming yourself with the knowledge and tools to start—and continue—innovation work with eyes wide open.

We'll guide you to design services and products with cross-functional teams, and outline best practices to build innovation strategies, teams, and projects.

Set up your innovation team for success

A Guide to Design Your
Innovation Project and Team

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Establish a solid foundation for challenging innovation projects.

Innovation Design projects are difficult, and need to be managed with the right frameworks. The foundations of our innovation project framework bring together a number of related practices and methods including:

  • Design Thinking,
  • Lean Startup,
  • Agile Project Management,
  • Service Design, among others

Learn how to leverage the best framework for your challenge as you set up your team, scope your project, and get the right executive sponsors on board for your innovation projects. 

What Theresa from TIFF had to say.

Theresa Scandiffio
Sr. Director, Learning | Toronto International Film Festival


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Service Design

If you are a leader who has experienced how hard it can be to create innovation outcomes that stick, or an intrapreneur who has been charged with carrying the innovation agenda in a traditional organization, this guide is for you.

If you are a leader or practitioner in service design, building new products and services, and you are on the lookout for inspiration to help you build your initiative properly, this guide is for you.

Unpack the challenge with your team and begin your journey to better innovation outcomes:

  1. Select an innovation framework
  2. Reframe the challenge
  3. Map the innovation system
  4. Identify assumptions and risks
  5. Structure and cast the team

This guide doesn't tell you how to do the work, but it will help you establish a solid foundation to enable your best work. And it will give you the language and tools to set your team up for success.

About Us

We are The Moment

The Moment is an innovation design studio based in Toronto, Canada. We serve leaders and change makers in organizations across industries and sectors to transition teams to new ways of working. 

Our job is to help people uncover change, and build better products and services to bring about change. 

We join up with our clients to design strategies together, responding to deep-rooted or emerging needs and build the right capabilities to address them.

Above all, we’re passionate about driving positive change–and empowering organizations to work better for people.

Set up your innovation team for success

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