THE disruption canvas

Disruption is the new normal—now what?


Respond and adapt quickly to changing market conditions by mapping disruption, and getting to action.


No one is immune to disruptions. Organizations that sense into new opportunities, respond, and adapt will be prepared to navigate disruption—and continue to succeed.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a leader or change maker looking to help your organization make sense of the disruption happening all around you—whether that's COVID-19, a new technology upstart, or even just shifting customer preferences.

The Disruption Canvas is a vital tool that will lead you to sense into the disruption around you, quickly respond, and help you prioritize an action plan in the short, medium, and long-term.


Here's how The Disruption Canvas can help you:

Uncover and validate

what your team and organization must do now in order to overcome disruption and create a thriving future.

Identify new opportunities

and how your organization needs to evolve in order to thrive post-disruption.

Gain perspective

beyond you and your team to understand the full impact of disruption across the organization.

Create a plan

that's actionable and prioritized to adapt to a new norm and seize high potential opportunities.

Shift mindsets

from being in a Survive mode and trigger perspective out towards Striving and Thriving modes.

Get The Disruption Canvas

The Disruption Canvas is free. By providing your information below, you'll receive a functional guide that will help you:

  • Uncover how your team/organization is currently experiencing disruption

  • Understand what these changes mean now and in the future

  • Identify disruptive impacts and turn them into opportunities

  • Populate a comprehensive map to visualize your plan

  • Explore questions related to: your team, the larger organization, your customers' needs, and other external factors

  • Understand the disruptive forces at play—and create an adaptable plan to move past them

Navigating disruption together.

From large banks, to charities, to telcos, and start-ups, here are some of the organizations we've helped sense, respond, and adapt to changing market conditions.

About The Moment.


The Moment is a leading Innovation and Service Design company located in Toronto, Canada with a rich history in helping top-tier organizations solve today’s complex challenges while innovating for the future. Our experienced innovation consultants partner with you to build products, services, and strategies that create real impact—both now and in the future.

You can take this canvas and run with it. Or, we can help walk you and your team through it. Either way, we hope this canvas provides great value in helping you innovate for the future.

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